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  • Phantom Rose Scarlet Mod APK


    Fight and collect powerful cards as Reina, a maid exploring a mansion ravaged by evil creatures.

    ◆ A Roguelike Card Adventure
    Phantom Rose is an indie game by solo developer & artist makaroll. Build your card deck and make careful decisions while you explore as each death may be permanent.

    ◆ Defeat and Collect
    Collect over 100+ cards and powerful items by defeating phantoms & rescuing other maids in distress

    ◆ Manage Your Deck
    There's no luck-based card draw during battle. Instead, manage your card's cooldown to defeat your foe swiftly and efficiently.

    ◆ Explore Through Dangers
    Venture through areas of interest, danger, and place of safety to reach and defeat the crown phantoms for large rewards

    日本語 (Japanese)
    한국어 (Korean)

    Official Twitter:

    Official Discord:
  • Grand War: Napoleon, Warpath & Strategy Games Mod APK


    “I should have conquered the world.” - Napoleon Bonaparte

    Your Excellency, Commander! Welcome to the 18th century, the Age of Napoleon.

    Grand War is the latest grand strategy games and rapid tactical war games set during the turbulent period from the Great French Revolution to the Battle of Waterloo. You will play the role of famous generals for various major countries, Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, Nelson, Blucher, Kutuzov, and other military geniuses will follow you to dominate the entire world.

    Relive the flame of famous battles in the Napoleonic era, experience historical moments in the Napoleonic era. Reliving intense historical military battles in World War I. Commander! Your troops have assembled, start the games now! It is time to use the winning strategy and start your military legendary journey!

    A new empire is coming!

    - More than 50 levels: experience the massive historical battles in different periods.
    - Famous Generals, they all have unique strength:
    Joachim Murat, Blücher, Davout, Ney, Bismarck, Moltke, Alexander, Wilhelm I
    - Famous legions in history:
    French old Guards, Prussian Heavy Cannons, British Dragoon, as well as Polish Spear Cavalry, Highland Infantry, Breastplate Cavalry.
    - Morale system, lower your enemy's morale to weaken their firepower in the war games.
    - 50+ levels where you can command famous historical battles of different periods.
    - Different seasons and weather changes, this is the real military games.
    - Dozens of different arms, cavalry, artillery and infantry.
    - We optimized the artistic effects of the war game, a more realistic battlefield environment and exquisite models.

    Conquer the world
    - Mobilize troops, charge into battle, rekindle the battle of history.
    - Each troop has its own characteristics, recruit them into your regiment and build a conqueror troop.
    - Command your army to accomplish strategic objectives in war games within a limited time.
    - Adjust strategic objectives according to the battlefield in war games, produce military units.
    - Random events like guerrilla movements, landing operations, and voluntary recalls will ensure endless replayability and the uniqueness of each game session. You'll be totally making your own history in the war games.
    - The combination of terrain, generals, weapons, and troops makes each battle unique and gives you the best experience of strategy games.

    - Resource production, town construction, soldier training, use your strategy to conquer the war!
    - Develop your army with resources from conquered territories, upgrade the national technology.
    - Study new technologies and improve the combat effectiveness of all units. Such as Improving firepower coverage, large buildings.

    - The fog of war, beware of enemy ambushes. Meanwhile, you can also use the fog to ambush the enemy.
    - The mutual restraint and formation coordination of cavalry and artillery.
    - Terrain restrictions make the battlefield more complex; as a commander, you'll need to consider terrain restrictions.
    - Challenge operations to test the limit of your commanding skill in strategy games.
    - Win the war within the specified conditions, which will test your commanding skills.

    Coming Soon
    - New Guide, join the military academy with Napoleon!
    - More campaigns and take your troops to win the battle!
    - Design unique battlefield skills for each general.
    - Fully optimize game upgrades, troops, generals, production, battles, plots, camps, technology systems
    - historical events, mission system, achievement system, and more free rewards

    Never forget to experiment with new tactics!
    In the end, unpredictability could be the best tactic.
    Make your History!

    We will continue to fix bugs and improve the game version to give you a better war game experience. Please contact us:
  • Bullet Strike - FPS Offline Encounter Shooting 3D Mod APK


    Another AAA masterpiece of Top Actions Studio for classic FPS game fans!!!

    Like cool offline shooter games?Give yourself a rifle and jump into the action and enter the battle strike right now!
    Use different weapons and tactics in explosive offline games on a variety of maps.Bullet Strike is totally free to play !

    √ More than 20 skinned modern guns like Desert eagle,AK47,M4A1,AWP,GATLIN and so on.
    √ AAA Realistic 3D graphics and cool animations
    √ Many maps with different tactics
    √ Easy play and smooth control
    √ Completely offline that you can play everywhere and any time
    √ Perfect optimization even for weak devices!

    Bullet Strike is competitive classic FPS shooters with easy and intuitive control,3A class 3D graphics and exciting gameplay.
    Accomplish your duty and play as counter-terrorist force . Show your fire and combat skill in our free offline first person shooter.

    You can download and play this game by free.Please be informed that it also allows you to purchase virtual items within app and may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party website.

    If you have any problem please feel free to contact us via:

    Email:[email protected]

    Enjoy yourself!


    Top Actions is action & shooter game studio free for game fans.
  • Deer Robot Car Game – Robot Transforming Games Mod APK


    Do you love to play robot car games and robot transforming games? If yes! Be the part of robot shooting games in this deer robot car game. Car robot games & robot war games integrated with multi robot car transforming games in one deer robot game will give you the unending fun of robot battle. That's why we are providing one of the best robot games experience in deer robot car war with the thrill of amazing robot transformation games. Get ready to do fun with robot car transform war in robot deer games that covers all aspects of car robot transforming games in this robot car game. Let's get in the battle & destroy all the enemy robots to become the robot hero of robot war games that amazingly simulate car robot games. Enjoy multiple robot transforming missions of robot shooting to eliminate all enemies in the city battle or robot car games.

    If you are looking for future robot games or robot transforming games to fight with evil robots in car robot games. Take part in robot transform war of transforming robot games that are specially designed for all the lovers of robot shooting games & robot transformation games. Transforming robots in deer robot game gives the realistic robot wars experience that will make you addictive for playing multi robot transform battle in this robot transform games that offers unique transforming experience of robot car games. Let's excite yourself with deer robot transformation and robot car transform in this multi robot game. And win the fight against alien robots with the use advanced weapons provided in this robot car game.

    Deer robot game is all about robot battle with transformation of robots in car robot games and robot car driving games. It's the fight among alien robots and deer robot, which has been transformed into robot after the survived the alien attack. That is why we are providing future robot transforming games with realistic transforming of robots into deer robot for to create the real ambience of playing robot car games in era of free robot games. So, get now all in one package of transform robot games & robot shooting games in one car robot game having multi robot transformation that will double the fun of robot car war.

    Show your super powers in futuristic robot battle & Tackle the unending robot fighting as mech warrior robot in this city battle. By having this robot car game, you will find massive fun of free robot games. If you are the lover of robot fighting games, you will definitely enjoy robot transformations within robot car war. Take the duty to rescue civilians from enemy robots. You might have played many deer games & multi robot game of transforming robots. But this time get ready to fight with deadly robot fighters in the robot battle of deer robot transforming games. This deer robot transform war will give you endless fun of robot wars to play against mafia robots who have invaded the city. Let's participate in robot battle as grand robot fighter. Have fun with robot car transformation and drive robot car in robot car transforming games.
    Download deer robot transform game now & enjoy robot game for free!
  • 100 Doors: Magic Word (2020) Mod APK



    Begin your journey into realms of MYSTERY and discovery. UNLOCK the wonders of the Bookshelf in a cool, carefully crafted and completely FREE logic puzzler, that combines the wonder of exploration with the craft of writing. It takes a smart brain, keen eye and a desire for problem-solving to dive into this rich realm of literary classics filled with hidden objects, clever puzzles and wordplay. Become a mystic traveler on a journey through a 100 levels; each an artful and loving take on masterpieces such as Moby Dick, Romeo and Juliet, many stories of Sherlock Holmes and many more!

    And should you be extra perceptive, there is even more bonus content hidden just out of sight!

    100 Doors: Magic Word awaits YOU!


    ESCAPE into a rich fantasy world where being smart is law!
    BEAT satisfying word puzzles using the Terminal!
    DISCOVER new levels based on famous works of literature!
    USE YOUR BRAIN to overcome hundreds of logic puzzles!
    CRAFT your own collection by gathering all the unique Collectibles!
    EXPLORE the mystery of the Bookshelf, and enjoy its carefully crafted art!
    ENTER the worlds of renown works of literature such as the Iliad, the, Jungle book or the fables of 1001 Nights!

    Every level is a unique blend of art based on famous books, logic and word puzzles and hidden object challenges that are waiting for the right person to take them on.
    Are you thrilled by the magical realms books create in your mind?
    Do you have a knack for puzzles and a talent for problem solving?
    Then you owe it to yourself to embark on the wild adventure that is 100 Doors: Magic Word!

    DOWNLOAD AND PLAY FOR FREE - Embrace the challenge, explore the books, get all the collectibles and unlock all 100 Doors.
    Your Mind is your Library!
  • Parallel Room Escape - Adventure Mystery Games Mod APK


    We are introducing the another interesting adventure mystery room escape game, so get ready for this new parallel room escape game 2020 and enjoy this interesting challenge from beginning to end.

    Game Story:
    James is an air force pilot , he is willing to take his wife for an romantic peaceful trip, but the situation is totally vice-versa, the TRIP CHANGES INTO TERRIFIC TRAP ,James and Lara get trapped in the volcano base virus research centre and they enter into that new parallel world it is so different and beautiful but the strange worlds are like a fear trap, Finally they escape from the parallel world but base people know the real impact of the virus research, Earth people get affected by the anomalous disease, Our James will protect the world from volcano base by blasting and destroy  the disease  by the guilty guidance of base people everything goes wrong in the initial stage but everything happen for a reason, Suddenly James opens his eyes from the morning dreams and he realizes this is a dream, but same things happened after he wake, but he cancels the trip and ready to attend the ceremony function.

    Travel through the different rooms and witness a series of mysterious events that led to the greatest discovery in volcano base virus research center. Use all your wits to find out the scientist. Collect the clues and start building the plan to escape the way out.

    All the 25 levels you feel different astonishment thrilling adventures.

    Find all the Objects with which you can unhitch hatchway otherwise are very difficult to open. It's not easy to find the hidden objects.

    You can't escape the feeling that there is hidden secret revolving around the lab. You're more than right detective; your puzzle progression is accompanied by an exciting story! The entire puzzle adventure contains several hours of play time. Search the rooms for hidden items, find clues, use the logic and solve brain teaser puzzles, find the keys and escape from the room.

    You have to find a way to escape from there by finding useful object, hints and solving baffles. Enjoy an hour of mind blending fun!

    Challenge yourself! Solve the most difficult puzzles in all different rooms to prove you are adventure loved person.

    * 25 Challenging Levels with Addictive story line
    * Numerous Riddling Puzzles
    * Hints helpful for next move
    * Realistic Background designs
    * More than 8 Hours Game plays
    * Daily gifts and rewards available
    * Game translated in 25 major languages
    * Fantastic Mini games & Exquisite Game scenes
  • Adventure Mystery Escape - Curse of the little one Mod APK


    Dark adventure of chills and thrills. Be your scary mission to find out the dark secret that hides in the escape room. Solve the mysteries of the ghost house and escape from the panic room. Try to solve the secret of black shadow and find the secret key to unlock the rooms of hidden objects.

    In this adventure escape game. You're gonna have a long journey to escape the room. Fear house scape can bring you difficult puzzles to solve as well as easy puzzles to solve. Test your logical skills and explore this horror panic room Xscape.

    Challenge your courage, get rid of your fear, and defeat the horrible games. Your survival in this place depends only on you. Be smart; solve the mysteries & riddles of this place, enjoy the exciting gameplay, and to dive into the inimitable game world. Find objects carefully as they can be faded in the dark.

    Endless panic room for free, realistic graphics, scary sound combined with a puzzle and suspense storyline will take you into a real adventure world.

    Three unique chapters
    Lots of thrilling twists
    Addictive Gameplay
    Brainstorming riddling puzzles
    Eye catching backround designs.
  • Super Fowlst Mod APK


    The world has been overrun by demons and there's only one chicken that can stop them. How? By smashing into them head-first. Why? I'm not sure.

    Super Fowlst is an an action game about dodging bullets, squishing monsters and grabbing loot. There's sprawling stages to conquer, huge bosses to defeat, and all manner of gadgets and gizmos to interact with. Trade your treasure for cool powers like egg bombs and rockets so you can really show those demons who's boss!

    - Unlimited, procedurally generated stages that are different every time you play.
    - Simple controls: touch the left side of the screen to hop left, right - side to hop right, swipe up to use the item you are holding.
    - Smash demons in half!
    - Buzz saws! Turbines! Tubes! Stalactites! Pinball flippers! Other stuff!
    - Huge bosses!
    - Two dog heads held together by ghosts!
    - Trade your loot for powerful upgrades.
    - Big explosions!
    - 30 unlockable characters!
    - Secrets!
    - Shoot rockets out of your behind!
    - Super Fowlst!
    - It's very good!
  • 100 Doors Game - Mystery Adventure Escape Room Mod APK


    Get ready to escape all possible places dedicated to different rooms and location, solve enigma and open the door. Uncover the new mystery of an adventure. 100 doors escape journey is the sequel of point and click nature with more riddling puzzles. Try to break all the doors and mysterious locks. Prove yourself and solve the baffle to exit the room.

    * Train your mind with mindfulness and logical thinking.
    * Your intention is simple – find and use hidden objects and solve the baffle.
    * Defy yourself with the amazing baffles in many divergent locations.

    100 doors mysterious room escape with stunning graphics and exciting puzzles, excellent sound effects and unforgettable atmospheric experience. You need to work your brain and think out of the box to solve some extraordinary baffle with the help of inkling. Have fun!

    One of those brain-teasing, challenging room escape game. Don't miss it! Interesting game play that you don't get bored. You need to play more than 100 doors xscape and exit the room. Interact with objects and solve the puzzles to achieve the task in the escape game. Unlock the doors at every levels give you a thrilling adventure and exciting feel.

    All 100 levels are taken into imaginary world and fulfilled of dream through escape. Solve mysterious logic puzzle; use your potential to open the door. Improve the user's experience and brain efficiency. Solve the baffles, inventory the hidden objects to use them to open the room and go to the next level and Use your skills and do whatever it takes to escape.

    Game Features:
    100 Addictive Levels
    Bunch of riddling puzzles
    More than 50 Hours Game play
    Daily gifts and rewards available
    Humane hints are available
    Game translated in 25 major languages
  • Draw Army! Mod APK


    Draw, scribble or write: for fun or to win the battle!

    Draw your army and decide which battle you want to fight! Whether you want to scribble symbols, write short messages or play like a real strategos, everything is possible to try and defeat the enemy king or super bosses.

    Earn new units along the way: swordsmen , shield defenders , archers , giants - and lead your troops to victory !

    Choose your army skin, color and banners and upgrade your skills (attack, defense) or army size (ink).

    - Swords, bows, shields, giants, axes and spears: attach all sorts of units to your army
    - Special bosses: Giants, Lava Big boss, The Spider, Crystal Golem and many surprise super-bosses
    - Multiple worlds: lava, forest, desert, etc
    - Hundred of arenas
    - Endless enemies

    Use the battlefield and obstacles to your advantage! Hope you enjoy :)
  • Catboy Hero Mask - PJ's Academy Mod APK


    Time to be hero through the pj's Academy! The jungle blue monsters are trying to take you down, power up, so gear up, and roll your way to the victory!

    Catboy Hero Mask - PJ's Hero Adventure is the most excited fighting and running game. Run as fast as you can and escape romeo danger. Run left or right to avoid the coming obstacles by monsters, rush past wild obstacles in a super-fast dash and slide fast under dangerous moonlight traps. Push your speed to the limit, to be the real hero runner, get a feeling of the hero academy.

    Join your catboy pj heroes' masks on this exciting and moonlight endless run game. Intuitive controls to run left or right jump up to obtain more coins. But be careful, more and more obstacles are coming, get you power up and go save your hero max.

    Your mask hero catboy is waiting for you to guide him through the moonlight pyjamasque dangers. This game is made to challenge the pj heroes' fans. Go and fight the pyjamasque monsters and destroy them by using the amazing fighting masks heroes' powers.

    Go get this masks heroes game today and have fun with your unique pj character; blue catboy

    This pj max game gives you amazing fun time. It has been carefully designed for boys, girls and families to have ultimate fun!


    - Easy one-touch controls and gameplay
    - Colorful & beautiful graphics.
    - Intense and exciting game rhythm
    - Romeo background music and sound effects

    Download Catboy Hero Mask game and have fun with your friends!
  • Fire Basketball - Mini Basketball Mod APK


    Fire basketball is a very easy and interesting game that everyone can relax with this game.

    Very interesting levels that do not allow you to stop in this game!
    Play and collect coins to buy new balls!

    Play and enjoy!
  • New Farmer Game – Tractor Games 2021 Mod APK


    Hey Farmer, Live a life of Farmer in this Farming Game. are you ready to play the real farmer game 2021, to crop fields, prepare clay, water your seeds. Simulate each and everything in a farmer's life?
    So DOWNLOAD NOW Free the
    New Farmer Game – Tractor Games 2021 .

    This new farm simulator game will let you feel like a real farmer in this hillside of a village. In this Farming tractor Simulator games, you will do cultivation, seeding, watering, and driving a tractor and trolley. This new simulator game of farming will allow you to drive the machinery, tractors, combines, trucks, trailers, seeders machines, 4x4 SUVs, horse carts, etc, This is a complete farmer game having all driving simulation features.
    This real farming game is developed for those who really like to grow seed through old farming also with new farming techniques if you like to drive tractors and transport the cargo to the city and village in a 4x4 truck then play this free farming simulation 21. Download NOW Farming simulation Games New Farmer Game – Tractor Games 2021
    You will buy the corn and sunflower seeds from the city market in your truck then you will drive a modern tractor to your farm for cultivation after mudding your farm, the euro tractor driving will help you the sowing of your fields from start to end, this harvesting game will let you grow many crops and then after cultivation and harvesting, transports the flour to the city market in this simulation game. Take care of your animal farm and flour mill.
    Download now the best farming games of 2021, New Farmer Game – Tractor Games 2021
    You have a tractor-trolley full of cargo seed luggage also cultivators and trucks, form mowers and other harvester and farming tools which is useful for farming crops in the fields in these farmer games. Starts your farming drive from the village to the city bring seeds of corn and sunflower and go to the farms to help the farmers working in the farms. This real farming simulation 2021 tractor driving game is one of the best farming simulations tractor games 3D 21. You will drive the tractor, trolley, truck, harvesters, water machine, plover and other driving vehicles also old horse cart simulator on the off-road, and the modern farming driving on the city roads for cargo transport. Also feed your animals like goats, cows, and hens, you have your own animal farm and grind mills as a real landlord has. Enjoy farm simulator a real farmer simulation game “New Farmer Game – Tractor Games 2021 ”.
    This farming simulation game offers to drive real modern farming vehicles like tractors, cultivators, harvesters, machine, seed machine, water spray machine like a real farming man do, also having horse cart driving simulation. Your pet animals in your animal farm near the grinding mill will wait for food. Transport it in your cart to feed cows and goats.
    FREE DOWNLOAD field simulation games and Enjoy Real farming offline games New Farmer Game – Tractor Games 2021
    1. Grow plants
    2. Driving Simulation
    3. Feasible controls
    4. Realistic Farmer life
    5. Real Driving Physics
    6. Smooth Gameplay
    7. Realistic Vehicles and Machinery ( Horse cart, tractors, trolley, 4x4, harvesters, seeders, trailers, Spray and trucks,)
    8. Easy Gameplay
    9. 2 Type of growing's to harvest
    10. Livestock Farm (Hens, sheep's, cows, turkeys...)
    11. Extreme HD Graphics
    12. Off-road and City Driving
    13. USA and Euro village side
    14. Steering wheel controls
    15. Harvester and harvesting fun.

    Live like a real farmer in this farming simulation, look at your farms, and harvest your crops!
    A complete farming cycle!

    Privacy Policy: /privacy-policy.html
  • Xtreme Motorbikes Mod APK


    The xtreme motorbikes gives you a real feeling of riding and performing free style
    this game brings awesome bike physics with beautifully free style city,
    The xtreme motorbikes free style experience in the most realistic simulator motorbike game around. If you like motorbike games try it.
    Smooth controls, realistic motorbike physics.
    Test your real freestyle skills.

    Main Features:

    - Realistic physics, simulating every aspect of motorbike behavior
    - Drive more than 20 powerful and exciting, highly detailed sport motorbikes
    - Customize your motorbikes with exclusive paint jobs and rims
    - Realistic engine sounds
    - Turbocharger, gearbox and tires sounds
    - Realistic 3D graphics
    - Drift slow motion
    - Change your rider and passenger

    Game Support:
    Are you having any problems? Contact us on: [email protected]
  • FPS Shooting Games 2021: Encounter Secret Mission Mod APK


    Enjoy and Play new thrilling gun games with skilled team on death match of First person shooter FPS 2020 shooting games enjoy counter militants and terrorist games. Buckle up to perform kill all the militants and save the city from dangerous deadly shooters, shooting and gun gaming, as a commando save the city, lead your team and eliminate all the terrorist shooter as early as possible in critical strike against enemies upgrade you shooting skill, this fps 2020 game required concentration and patience skill shooting game. Get ready to play the most realistic fps first person shooter game of the year, one of the most realistic environment, anti terrorist fps 2020 shooting games , use gun, AK47 and different German plus Russian weapons , kill the militant s before they kill you. Go to different places fully utilized the map find new weapons, during combat find magazines from old nearby houses, challenge with your teammates with challenging counter terrorist attack of new shooting games and fps games. Kill and knockout all the enemy and terrorists forces of become the leader of counter terrorist strike with use all types of weapons gun, pistols rocket launcher gun strike. Brave swat team need you skills, FPS first person shooting game of 2020 will give you most thrilling experience
    One of the most thrilling 3d first person shooting fps game of 2020, Shooting Games 2020 become the commando of the swat anti terrorist, get the chance to perform holy duty of saving your love ones live this battle field is one of the most dangerous, generates snipers and rocket launchers are finding your way to kill you, fps shooting game of 2020 is designed in such a way to give you real life experience , see the front of battle field learn the skills of defence, utilized your well-trained military special force. Show the world that you are the world most skilled warrior , fps shooting android 2020 is full fun action packed game, every level comes with new challenge and thrill. Main goal will remain same in all levels kill and eliminate the militants and terrorists , destroy them positions and weapons garage, get the chance to play fps gun shooting with all riffle to join different battle fields with different soldier, Shoot to kill special ops and survive in this 3d shooting sniper game 2020. Become best Shooting game sniper in this new shooting game, shooting with nonstop FPS action against other assassins' enemies. Don't stop FPS shooting in offline missions hooting game with the sniper guns and assault guns. You will feel surprised when play this amazing by the Perfect game play. You can kill your enemy on time and this is only for entertainment in this one-man commando shooting game. However, it is recommended for Fps Shooting secret mission you to use all guns in all missions of this shooting game. You have a pistol as a sidearm in FPS shooting secret mission every task of this sniper shooting game.

    enjoy fps 2020 game with two thrilling modes, online and offline, in our next update we will add online games that will enhance your gaming experience until then upgrade and up skill you shooting skills by playing one of the most thrilling and amazing shooting game of the year fps game comes will all type of commando and soldier uniform, drive army vehicles around the city fly on helicopter climb on tall building for best sniper spot enjoy the thrill of gunning down your worst enemies. Mission attacking upon enemies in this FPS Shooting secret mission best offline shooting game to increase your player level & Play with friends in new shooting game. You have a Mission variety of modern war encounter weapons in this battleground FPS shooting game, just start your battle for free. Let's come and fight with the terrorist in the new strategy games.
  • Cartoon Run 3D – Run Cartoon Run Mod APK


    Cartoon Run 3D is an endless running game with ravishing scenes and thrilling Running adventure. Enjoy the most compelling endless running game with an interesting cartoon character. Move your character in the lanes and jump through the hurdles. You might have played other running games but this Run Cartoon Run is the best endless running game so far. It offers you a stunning user experience on your fingertips with immense flexibility.
    In this Subway Highway Run, you have to catch as many coins you can by switching the lanes and avoiding the obstacles. Help Highway Cartoon Runner to escape from the highway and earn more and more points. This game is really a unique work from the Try Sothea team, and you might love this masterpiece. Endless Cartoon Runner is the best way to kill your leisure time. This stunning game can make you skilled in running games with the instant smooth controls.

    If you get bored of playing those racing games, arcade games, simulation games, educational, brain games, car games, bike games, etc. Then this Highway Cartoon Run is really a special one with neatly arranged hurdles. Endless running game 2020 have pause button to stop anytime that can help you to collect more coins. With the smooth controls you can easily switch the lanes and jump high by just tapping the sides of screen. Endless running game have HD graphics that makes the environment more interesting.

    Highway Run Endless Cartoon run with insane amount of fun. Crazy endless adventure with an interesting character. With the passage of time, the adventure becomes more challenging with difficult barriers in this Subway running game 2020.

    This game is to simulate the survival to escape from the obstacles and catch the coins. Jump high and switch lanes to dodge the hurdles along the way. Collect maximum coins to get high scores in this Cartoon running game 2020.

    The game will let you get some power-ups that will help you to earn more points. The points counter will show your score throughout the game. In this Endless Cartoon Rush, with the increase in points the speed of your character will also increase.

    Subway Endless Cartoon Run has the best interface with beautiful environment that will surely attract the users to install and share it with your friends. Highway Run Endless Game gives you endless amount of entertainment, so that you can run for long time. Subway Endless Cartoon Run 2020, a stunning masterpiece for the arcade game lovers.

    Cartoon Run 2020 - is a leading endless running game on Play Store that will let you run fast and flawlessly in this running game masterpiece.
  • Giant Rush! Mod APK


    Run through the obstacle course and bring the adventurous Giant to a fabulous color ride!
  • Viaje virtual a Japón Mod APK


    ¡Una melancolía del viaje para viajar por todo el país con personajes virtuales!

    ▼ ▽ Introducción del juego ▼ ▽

    ◆ ◇ ¡Un juego de aventuras en el que el personaje corre por todo Japón! ◇

    ¡Elija el área que desea viajar de todo Japón y deje que el personaje se vaya de viaje!
    De acuerdo con el progreso del juego, el área donde puedes seguir viajando, Chubu, Tohoku ... ¡y más y más se propagarán!
    ¡Déjalo mientras estés viajando! Esperemos que regreses lentamente

    ◆ ◇ ¡Enciende al personaje con los puntos que obtuviste en un viaje! ◆ ◇

    ¡Cada vez que enciendas obtendrás más monedas y puntos!
    ¡Consideremos cuidadosamente qué parámetros subir!
    Esperamos parámetros cada vez más inflacionarios!

    ◆ ◇ ¡Recolectemos omoide! ¡Apunta a recorrer todo el país en Japón! ◆ ◇

    ¡Cada vez que se visita un nuevo turismo japonés, Omoide se reunirá!
    Lleva al personaje a varios lugares en todo Japón y apunta a completarlo.

    Ejemplo de destino:
    · Tokyo Sky Tree, Kaminarimon, Ciudad Eléctrica Akihabara, Castillo Nagoya, Dotonbori, Onomichi, Sakurajima ... etc.

    ◆ ◇ Llamemos a varios personajes en cooperación con THE SEED ONLINE ◆ ◇
    Al vincularse con el avatar 3D y la plataforma de envío de datos 3D "THE SEED ONLINE" proporcionada por el reparto virtual, es posible utilizar varios personajes.
  • Ejecutar Dragon! ¡Correr! Mod APK


    Dragon run es un juego de dragón gratis donde puedes encontrarte con tu nuevo mejor amigo e ir a correr! Corriendo la aventura con el dragón divertido en el desierto. Corriendo en la carretera que necesita para evitar monstruos locos y los obstáculos mortales, y se puede ejecutar el proceso para recoger las monedas de oro.

    Dragón te llevará a explorar este corredor sin fin. Juega como tu dragón lindo favorito y ayuda a los dragones afortunados a correr a través del desierto! Lleve a su dragón lindo para una carrera y entrenar a su dragón jugando con él en el desierto.

    Explore el desierto y el cañón. Correr, deslizar y saltar a su manera a través de los monstruos y el desierto! Dash adelante tan rápido como puedas, esquivar los obstáculos y recoger las monedas! La mosca alcanza alturas mega! ¡Y tu dragón puedes escupir la bola de fuego, la bola de fuego puede matar monstruos!

    Características de Dragon Run:
    ★ Ejecutar, saltar y divertirse con Dragon.
    ★ Ejecutar a través del cañón oa través del desierto.
    Gráficos coloridos y vívidos HD.
    Volar en el cielo
    ★ Rápido golpe de acrobacia.
    ★ Una variedad de dragones y monstruos lindos.
    ★ Gana premios secretos en este juego lleno de acción y familiar.

    Lo que obtienes con Dragon Run:
    ★ Ejecutar, saltar y divertirse con los dragones lindos.
    ★ Muchos obstáculos para saltar y evitar.
    ★ Utilice 8 power ups y boosters.

    Cómo jugar :
    ★ Deslice en la pantalla a izquierda y derecha, cambie la pista del dragón.
    ★ Deslice el dedo hacia arriba y el dragón salta.
    ★ Deslice el dedo hacia abajo y el rollo de dragón.
  • Rooster Farm Battle: Kung Fu Chicken Fighting Game Mod APK


    There is a tournament of angry rooster battle in a village farm. Your kung fu rooster fighter has a value in town. You have best chicken to fight with the other country's roaster. Have you ever experienced one of the best farm roosters fighting against wild chicken fighters in free action simulation game? We assure you to take into an epic journey of farm animals fighting in one of the famous chicken fighting simulator game.

    Big farm chicken cock is waiting for the fight to attack him. Challenge the rooster to a fight and defeat the ferocious wild animal. Enjoy town chicken fighting game in a way that you've never actually feel the power in your fists before, hit hard as you can, get a win and goes to the next round of the tournament of farm animals fighting, do not let rooster get in your way.

    Knockout Mode:
    Prepare yourself and knockout multiple rivals in beat em up fighting challenge against world champions. Enjoy the real fighting warrior's vengeance to defeat all rooster punch-boxing rivals. In knockout mode, you will face real kung Fu chicken rage of revenge in this addictive judo karate and punch boxing game.

    Career Mode:
    Prepare yourself and knockout multiple chicken rivals in beat em up fighting challenge against town champions. Play toughest martial art fighting challenges in “Career Mode”. Each wining will upgrade your rooster fighter strength and karate kung Fu ranking.

    Story Mode:
    Rooster beat em up karate kung fu game offers multi street frenzy chicken fighting experience with challenging levels. Start a street fighting campaign; you have to defeat all opponent animal fighters in your way and win the fights that will allow you to unlock next levels, (Street Brawl, Warm Up, Combat Fight, Initial Fight and Final Fight) and upgraded mixed rooster or chicken fighters.

    Daily Rewards & Gifts:
    In “daily rewards mode”, you will earn bonus points daily that will help you to unlock stronger chicken kung fu karate fighters, ultimately getting more points will upgrade power, speed, and accuracy with new strikes and fighting combos. Earing maximum points to unlock next level by watching rewarded videos & using fortune wheel opportunity.

    How to Play & Win:
    Control the wild chicken or rooster and fight for survival by chasing, attacking, fighting and killing other wild cocks. Attack and defeat any opponent that comes in your way. Pull off stealth attacks and play strategically to defeat farm animals with higher levels than yours to gain the tournament win. Easy gameplay and smooth controls. Eliminate all opponent farm chicken fighters. Fight using a variety of innovative tricks such as latest combos to takedown punch boxing rooster rivals.

    Rooster Farm Battle: Kung Fu Chicken Fighting Game Features:

    Fight with farm roosters and become Chicken karate champion
    Chicken kung Fu warrior & karate king challenge with big rewards
    Defeat kung Fu chicken fighters & get rewarded points to unlock next levels
    Play with your big farm Chicken in kung fu fighting match
    Use super Chicken power to knockdown wild roosters' energy rapidly
    Get promoted by defeating town legend animal fighters
    Intuitive and smooth touching screen controls
    Beautiful 3d village environment to increase your fighting passion
    Background music & sound effects will upgrade your energy in shadow karate
    Intuitive and smooth touching screen controls
Mod Apks
Original Apks
Latest Mods
  • Capsulemon Fight! : Global Monster Slingshot PvP v2.50.1 Mod (Free purchase) 3xapp下载安装无弹窗全文阅读_3xapp下载安装无弹窗 3xapp下载安装无弹窗全文阅读_3xapp下载安装无弹窗 ,怪奇物语第一季最新章节_怪奇物语第一季最新章节 怪奇物语第一季最新章节_怪奇物语第一季最新章节 ,潜行狙击电影无弹窗全文阅读_潜行狙击电影最新章节 潜行狙击电影无弹窗全文阅读_潜行狙击电影最新章节
    Control monsters at your fingertips to beat opposing Summoners and their monsters. Develop strategies that utilize skills as well as brawn. Unlock and upgrade monsters with unique and powerful abilities. Show your strength in CCG strategies and win against players from all over the world. Join a clan, share strategies and db, and fight alongside your bros.

    Join our battlelands!

    Drag and shoot! It's as simple as that!

    Just drag and shoot your monsters once per turn.
    Use your monsters' abilities and aim for the best shot to deal maximum damage to your opponent's monsters. Hitting an ally monster during the assault will trigger a co-op attack. Use clever moves for a powerful combo shot.

    Use skills before your shoot!

    Taking advantage of Summoner skills will allow you to perform various effective attacks. Build a team with your best monsters and awesome characters, and create your own combo action.

    Unlock and upgrade monsters!

    Capture, collect, and upgrade various Capsule Monsters to become the collector of a powerful duel deck.

    Become the best in the world!

    Become the top Capsule Monster player by emerging victorious from battles against other users across the world, gaining XP, and leveling up.
    Summoners, don't miss your chance to join in on the casual strategy game, Capsulemon Fight!

    • Duel players from around the world in real-time to earn Mystic Power and raise your rank.
    • Participate in the regular World Tour Arena league.
    • Complete quests and earn rewards.
    • Collect and upgrade various unique Capsulemons and skills.
    • Build your own deck from thousands of possible Capsulemons and skill combos.
    • Aim, Bounce, and Chain (A-B-C) your monsters with the Slingshot system.
    • Capsulemon Fight! supports 11 languages for a truly international PVP experience.


    Game Inquiry:

    Privacy Policy:
    Terms of Use:

    [Optional Permission]
    - The permission needed when attaching files(screenshot) for 1:1 inquiry
    - This permission is not necessary if user does not use 1:1 inquiry
  • Yedek Parça Pazarlama B2B v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    YEDEK PARÇA PAZARLAMA SAN. TİC. ŞTİ. is the official B2B application
  • Gran Audiobooks v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Get access to our PDF classes in audiobook format.
  • CCES Engineering v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    CCES is a local growing and competent telecommunication service provider. It is committed to standards of service in design engineering, construction, maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure, network and equipment, power distribution, transmission power foundation and cable connection.

    CCES has the skills, resources and experience to understand and is ideally place to assist in meeting the telecommunication needed of our customers in Cambodia now and into the future.

    Convergence of telecommunication and information technology is leading to more integrated information network. CCES is well positioned to provide a broad range of construction and technical services to enable our customers to cost effective and enjoy the benefits that this new opportunity present .

    Since its foundation in June 2010, CCES Engineering Services Co., Ltd who started strongly in telecommunication equipment installation; has now developed into one of the domestic industry's competitive company in the field of road and civil work construction in Cambodia.

    CCES Engineering Services Co., Ltd is a full service construction, survey and design company as well as an aggregate mining/processing company and a material supplier, We have the latest technology in equipment for preparing and laying asphalt as well as pothole fixing.

    With 7,926sqm Asphalt batching plant located in Phnom Penh City, we are ready to serve with the best materials and maintaining the highest standards of workmanship with your needs in mind.

    Registered in 16-June-2010 with VAT Code:206-105005282

    100% owned by a local shareholder

    Core Business includes:

    1. Infrastructure : Concrete Road, Asphalt Concrete Road (AC), Drainage System and Concrete Road Divider

    2. Civil Work Construction

    3. Street Lighting

    4. Telecom Infrastructure
  • Kavi Potha - Sri Lankan's Poem App v1.1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    "Kavi Potha" is the Sri Lankan's first digital poem app ever. Now you can publish your wonderful feelings on a digital platform. Simply write your own poems or poems of poets.

    - Social sign in
    - Sinhala and English languages
    - Save your favorite poems
    - Share with friends
    - Make popular poems by giving heart react

    More features coming in near future.
  • English 10th Notes And Q&A App v9.8 Mod (Free purchase)
    English Class 10th Notes, Q & A Mobile App

    This Class 10th English App is the best learning app and is a must for the students preparing for different competitive exams like Ssc, Railway, Rpsc etc.

    App contains solutions of all chapters of NCERT English for class 10. It contains some sample questions papers and chapter wise question answers also. This app has a very simple user interface.

    This is one of the most popular learning apps of India where thousands of useful things are introduced to make it a perpetually explorable resource room.

    All the study material provided in this App is realistic & updated. We believe in hard work but in smart manner to reach the goal.

    Class 10th English NCERT Notes app is developed as per requirements of our CBSE students to help effectively and in real time with better understanding.

    This App has been designed to make every student fall in love with learning and is not for the topper alone.
    This App is developed to help the student to provide free content to improve their learning experiences in modern times.

    The Class 10 English NCERT solutions help students understand concepts in a structured, easy-to-digest manner and develop better theoretical and analytical skills which are needed in various exams. Answers are provided in a step-by-step manner related to various chapters of Science class 10th. This app has a very simple user interface. Whenever you require any information about English you are just a click away .

    Please note that all the study material is latest & updated as per the syllabus of CBSE Class 10th.

    Essentially the App contains the following Features :

    Chapter wise question & answers.
    Sample question papers.
    All important notes.
    This app is in easy English Language.
    Simple app. Works offline. No internet connection needed.
    Professionally designed, user-friendly and intuitive interface.
    Clear Font for better readability.
    Easy to use.
    Zooming Available

    This app contains notes and Q & A of all the chapters included in the CBSE Class 10 NCERT English Book :

    Chapter Index
    1.Reading-Factual Passage
    2.Reading-Discursive Passage
    3.Writing-Formal Letters
    4.Grammar-Gap Filling
    6.Grammar-Reporting a Dialogue
    8.First Flight ch02 Long Walk to Freedom
    9.First Flight ch03 Two Stories about Flying
    10.First Flight ch04 From the Diary of Anne Frank
    11.First Flight ch05 The Hundred Dresses I
    12.First Flight ch06 The Hundred Dresses II
    13.First Flight ch07 Glimpses of India
    14.First Flight ch08 Mijbil the Otter
    15.First Flight ch09 Madam Rides the Bus
    16.First Flight ch10 The Sermon at Benares
    17.First Flight ch11 The Proposal
    18.First Flight Poem ch01 Dust of snow
    19.First Flight Poem ch02 Fire and Ice
    20.First Flight Poem ch03 A Tiger in the Zoo
    21.First Flight Poem ch04 How to Tell Wild Animals
    22.First Flight Poem ch05 The Ball Poem
    23.First Flight Poem ch06 Amanda
    24First Flight Poem ch07 Animals
    25.First Flight Poem ch08 The Trees
    26.First Flight Poem ch09 Fog
    27.First Flight Poem ch10 The Tale of Custard the Dragon
    28.First Flight Poem ch11 For Anne Gregory
    29.Footprints ch01 A Triumph of Surgery
    30.Footprints ch02 The Thiefs Story
    31.Footprints ch03 The Midnight Visitor
    32.Footprints ch04 A Question of Trust
    33.Footprints ch05 Footprints without Feet
    34.Footprints ch06 The Making of a Scientist
    35.Footprints ch07 The Necklace
    36.Footprints ch08 The Hack Driver
    37.Footprints ch09 Bholi
    38.Footprints ch10 The Book That Saved the Earth

    Please RATE US:☆☆☆☆☆

    Once again, Don't Forget to Rate Us, Bcz your appreciation will encourage us to work harder and smarter.
    Thanks to all.

    App By
    Surendara Tetarwal
  • make it DONE v1.6.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    "make it DONE" is an app to help users make things done. It is easy to use and does not require internet access, so you could mark down your task anytime and anywhere.

    - tasks are sorted by importance and then due date
    - each task could have optional tag for categorised
    - attach photo to task
  • E-Cafe Restaurant v4.0.14 Mod (Free purchase)
    E-Cafe Restaurant, Zam Zam Height's Laiqat Chownk Sabzazar Lahore, a family rooftop restaurant. Where fusion of ambience and quality food refreshes you inside out. Where you can enjoy tranquility of evenings in serene environment after tiresome and hectic routines. E-Cafe & Restaurant, is a distinctive idea purely imagined for Pakistani youth and families to offer them a new entertaining experience, where they taste tradition food in a modernized dreamy sitting environment. E-Cafe is the only restaurant with the live Music and Qawali Night. We arrange birthday parties, business meetings, friend and family get-togethers and other events for your special ones. Environment of E-Café Restaurant is one of its kind and compares to none
  • Ecafe DeliveryBoy v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    E-Cafe Restaurant, Zam Zam Height's Laiqat Chownk Sabzazar Lahore, a family rooftop restaurant. Where fusion of ambience and quality food refreshes you inside out. Where you can enjoy tranquility of evenings in serene environment after tiresome and hectic routines. E-Cafe & Restaurant, is a distinctive idea purely imagined for Pakistani youth and families to offer them a new entertaining experience, where they taste tradition food in a modernized dreamy sitting environment. E-Cafe is the only restaurant with the live Music and Qawali Night. We arrange birthday parties, business meetings, friend and family get-togethers and other events for your special ones. Environment of E-Café Restaurant is one of its kind and compares to none
  • Visalandhra v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    We at Visalandhra Slate Industries is a team of experienced people who have complete knowledge of stationery, art & craft products and we have been preforming as retailers, wholesalers, dealers, distributors, super-stockists since years. We have collaborated with many of schools, colleges and institutions so their students and employees can purchase their custom predefined packages of items. Now we have taken this step to knock your doors by going online and reach under your finger tips finding stationery of once choice and requirement but at / we have made it easier for our customers by categorizing all the segments & Products.
    Use this dedicated app to get stationary items delivered at your doorstep without bothering about parking or waiting lines
  • ProtectPassword v1.2 Mod (Free purchase)
    Password Protect App is to help users to rememberr and protect password from
    anyone.Password Protect App store password encrypted form and can only view by user
    of app after pattern verification which can be changed when requirment.User can import or export passwords when
    required. User can change language of app anytime.
  • Senorita - Musical Jump - Shawn Mendes Songs v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    We offer two beautiful themes, light and dark. We created awesome skins for everyone. Unlock as many skins as you can and try to beat your best score!
    As time goes by games gets harder and harder, so we give you three powers to save your life when you are in trouble. Ball movement is based on gravity, so utilize that to your advantage!
    Have a great time!
  • Missing You - Musical Jump - The Vamps Songs v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    We offer two beautiful themes, light and dark. We created awesome skins for everyone. Unlock as many skins as you can and try to beat your best score!
    As time goes by games gets harder and harder, so we give you three powers to save your life when you are in trouble. Ball movement is based on gravity, so utilize that to your advantage!
    Have a great time!
  • IFeelFIt v1.1.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    This is one of the leading company offering Nutritional supplements to promote a healthy life. We empower people to lead healthy lives by providing the best selection of dietary supplements, sports nutrition and nutritional supplements. We always focus on the quality and excellence, this makes us unique in the market.
    We are Introducing this application, in order to verify its product authenticity using QR-CODE technology.
    At consumer's end to check the product authenticity and uniqueness, consumer only have to install this application and scan the QR-CODE available beneath the product container cap.
  • TimeSmith (BS Magic) v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    This is a time magic app for professional magicians. You will find detailed instructions in the in-app User Guide.
  • Koleksi Lagu Seventeen Full Album Offline v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Are you fans of seventeen songs? Of course this application is suitable for you. This application contains seventeen collection songs. There are many songs collection, so you can listen to your taste. This application is an offline application so it does not need to download it, so it can save internet quota You. This song collection has good and clear (not shiny) song quality so it is comfortable to listen to (it is recommended to use handsheat). There are many song selection titles, you can rotate according to your tastes. good and clear.
    Features of this application:
     Simple application and easy to use
     Does not burden RAM and Storage
     There is a complete list of songs
     No Sucking quota package
     Background playing and features
     Can be used as ringtones and alarms, notifications etc.
     Can be shared via social media
     The song doesn't die even if you open another application
     Next Automatic
     There is a shutter and repeat button

    Please download this application to see the song collection.
    Thus from us, Hopefully entertained ... Don't forget to give a review and comments

    All songs (mp3) that are presented are all sourced from the internet. Copyright of all songs
    In this application it is entirely the property of the creator, musician, music label in question. If there are violations that do not want to be displayed in this application, please contact our developer contact
  • Saar Home Schooling v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Saar Home Schooling application basically use for learn from videos and audio.
    It contains 3 book in it Saar Fitzroy Reader's, Art School Book and S.T.E.M. It all Published by Saar Education Pvt Ltd.
  • Pixel Defense - Tower Defense Game 2D v1.0.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    A series of enemies surrounding the world carried out an attack that pixelated the world. But there was something they forgot. YOU!!!

    To show these enemies what mistake they have made, you must show everyone how you defend their attack and save the world.

    Come and show these enemies how brave you are.
  • RADIO PORTAL TRIVELATO v1.3 Mod (Free purchase)
    Install our app to follow our broadcasts, see LIVE images through our studio and also get in touch with us, in addition to checking our complete schedule grid.
  • Alice Wonderland Stickers v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    With this app you can download new Stickers that are updated and create new Stickers.
New Apps
  • Satellite Map, Live Route Navigation & Direction APK
    Explore the whole world earth 3d maps from above with 360 satellite imagery and 3D buildings in cities around the world. See the Global world from your house, a collection of guided tours from live earth map hd. In This satellite view earth map app Zoom to anywhere & Any location and see in 360 view.
    Live GPS maps & Voice Navigation with satellite earth map will let you have look on latest satellite and live earth map 2020 on your mobile phone. Estimated time & distance on live maps and easy navigation will facilitate your journey. World satellite maps 2020 will show you free satellite world maps in this free Route Planner, Easy GPS, Satellite Earth maps & free voice navigation app.

    Live voice navigation on latest maps will let you draw easy & fastest route on Live GPS Maps & free driving directions app. Live driving directions on free GPS maps with latest maps 2020 will ease your journey. Have wise decision, Maps, Route Finder, Navigation & Travel Planner app can draw route for you in multiple ways. Easy route navigation and traveling with updated route maps. Find shortest route map with this easy route planner & live earth navigation app.

    Live Satellite View Map HD & free gps map for live Travel Navigation is an essential app for travelers, tourists, and driver. GPS maps, live navigation & driving directions is very helpful for search online route finding, Draw the possible & shortest routes in satellite world map HD and find the nearest public place in live hd earth map with fast internet. Save your route with gps route saving feature of this satellite view & live navigation

    You can travel anywhere in the global world with live maps satellite view and GPS Navigation app.
    This Free GPS Map & Voice Navigation app provides current location address and option in live maps to find any location address of all countries in the world but you will need to tap on earth map in specific place show in map then This GPS route maps & navigation provide address with latitude & longitude and This Live earth map gives the best travelling options along the route. This live maps location tracker & GPS Navigation app provide to you route tracking feature and save in your mobile.

    GPS Map, Live Navigation & Route Planner app find route possible & shortest routes, auto re-route for correct location and auto update your online map after few second. In this Satellite Map, Live Route Navigation & Direction can use voice navigation feature to draw route with voice.
    if your stay other countries & cities need to go nearby public place, ATM, Hospital, Restaurant, airport, bus stop, metro station, railway station etc easily can get a location, make a shortest route & go there. Live Satellite view Earth Map HD and Travel Navigation will help you get route, satellite view with distance, time calculator. By using GPS Live earth Map and GPS Navigation Save your time and guide about travel anywhere in Global world

    Live GPS navigations on latest map with best possible shortest and fastest route map. Easy GPS live navigation, favorite street views, easy route track, redraw tracked route with single click, voice GPS map & navigation, emergency places and much more is added in Maps, Route Finder, Navigation & Travel Planner app. Voice route map, easy voice navigation, free GPS maps, live street views, best travel navigation and much more is available for you to make your road trip easy, fast and comfortable. Find emergency places with single click in this free GPS app.

    By using Satellite view Route Map: GPS Navigation app will get all below features for free:
    ➢ Easy Route Map
    ➢ Fastest Route on Map
    ➢ Estimated time & Distance made journey easy
    ➢ Easy voice navigation
    ➢ Latest voice map & free GPS app
    ➢ Satellite map & live route track
    ➢ Redraw your saved routes anytime, anywhere
    ➢ Draw shortest routes on voice maps
    ➢ See emergency places around you
  • Insulin IQ APK
    Insulin IQ app, part of the Insulin IQ coaching program, provides a digital environment which is used by people to connect various wellness devices and share data with their coaches. Users can keep track of their data such as weight, ketone levels, etc. and reach their wellness goals.
  • TCI Macro APK
    Create CW macros and connect to a TCI interface.

  • Learn English Vocabulary with Pictures, Flashcards APK
    An app to learn English vocabulary easily and effectively with:
    • Diverse topics
    • Full meanings, phonetic symbols, pictures, examples of usage
    • Flashcards, exercises for revision.
    Good luck with your English studies!
  • Deep Creek Golf Club APK

    Deep Creek Golf Club, located just 2 miles off I-75 in Punta Gorda, Florida. The golf course offers a challenging 6000 yard, Mark McCumber design - encompassed by a world of native Florida wildlife and natural landscape. This is one of the best Charlotte County golf courses. This Punta Gorda golf course is uniquely designed to challenge your skill of course management, lined with endless meandering waterways and plenty of bunkers to test your sand play. Come play Deep Creek today!
  • English Podcast - Learn English Speaking & Grammar APK
    English Podcast is a great tool for learning English. It's quick, easy to access and fun. It's almost like having a mini classroom on your phone – there to use whenever you want to learn english, learn grammar and improve your spoken english.
    English Podcast is a comprehensive English language learning podcast series with programs for beginners, intermediates and upper intermediates. There are also podcasts for those who need to learn business English.
    The short lessons are conducted entirely in English and feature conversations between two or more English language speakers. They will help you to improve your english speaking and listening skills, expand your english vocabulary and learn english grammar.
    The english lessons cover a broad range of topics. Some of the subjects you may hear being discussed are work, entertainment, politics, education, sports, music etc . The podcasts are short, challenging and supported by dialogue transcripts and vocabulary tasks. They are great for practicing speaking english online.

    English Podcast is one of the best english language learning courses available online that provide you with amazing tools to improve your spoken english, learn english for free and practice english speaking and listening.
  • Snap & Translate APK
    Snap & Translate application is a utility application designed to provide for user features as scan the document and recognizes text in 103 different languages, translate the document scanned to multi-language with AI for high precision in every context.
  • Find Joker Dots APK
    You will see black and red dots for 5 seconds and then you have to find red dots. There are 3 different levels, easy, medium and hard.
  • Santa world 2021 super jungle Adventure wonderland APK
    Have you ever dreamed to a Superhero and relive the legendary classic on mobile? Well here it is!

    legendary of Savage Planet is an official mobile game based on an old classic Superhero games, Run fast, jump high and make sure to avoid the spikes, obstacles and fight epic bosses

    Be warned, game is challenging! Learn the patterns and come up with the moves and proper timing to pass it! Do not give up, there is no challenge the legendary can not overcome! Enjoy tons of unique levels for you to beat! Retro side-scroller arcade in on your pocket!

    Forge your epic destiny in the best runner games ever made on the store the most thrilling of all action game Explore a fantasy game world brought to life with console-quality graphics and an innovative -- yet easy to learn -- combat system that is never idle and always throws you into one heart-pounding fight after another!

    Bored of the old Runner games?

    Download unleash teen Santa superhero's lost among wonderland now and investigate the most anticipated new Game of 2020

    Among a lot of things You will love this Super Adventure Run game Santa 2021 World go! It's the ultimate racing adventure with lots of obstacles to overcome!

    And many enemies defeat in order to gain the highest score in each Adventure Run level to the following levels.

    friend teen hero Titans of Super Adventure Run among wonderland to collect the gold coins and travel through the jungle, the desert, the world of ice, the wonderland, the world of the Sahara and the dark night
    Many levels to challenge you and your teen hero Santa 2021 team

    Try to win this addictive game and enjoy every minute with your teen hero friend Roben Hero Santa 2021 Run. Help them win and defeat the enemies.

    unleash the Santa 2021 Go game! Find treasures & survive through and among the jungle!
    Investigate a universe of imagination in Super Adventure game where you can play while having numerous ground-breaking catalysts.

    It's a unleash Santa 2021 game with hopping interactivity, running and annihilating adversaries on this staggering island. Decimate the hurdles and get a reward tab in each concealed thing. The young unleash the Santa 2021 Go chooses to chase down the devilish performers and discover the fortune through the guide on the island.

    Unlike other platformer games, each level accompanies random tasks rundown to be finished. The unleash Santa 2021 game accompanies 4 different universes with absolute 36 levels to investigate and we are including more universes consistently so the fun never closes.
    unleash Santa 2021 Hero Titan superhero's oz lost World as in great stage games with an adventure of super kid. In this wilderness experience , Super kid must pass such a great amount of dangers to hurry to target overly world. You can utilize your skills to covered up and discover it.

    Features of one of the best platformer unleash the Robin Titans bobs thicke trap superhero's oz lost
    • Easy, User Friendly with nature.
    • Classic style game style , Simple Controls and Attractive Sound.
    • Over 36 levels, 20 beasts, 10 epic Bosses.
    • Suitable for kids , experience an energizing blend of fun and investigation.
    • new levels and challenge
    • super 4 Different universes with great designs
    • Provides you Great designs and music.
    • Offline game (Incredible works without WiFi and Internet)
    • Cool retro platformer
    • 40 action-packed levels
    • 4 amazing game worlds to explore
    • Fill your boots with coins from anything you can smash open
    • Use power-ups to fly or turn around into a coin magnet
    • Simple yet beautiful graphics
    • Suitable for all ages
    • Ton of boss battles
    • Ability to double jump
    • Beautiful and stunning graphics provide amazing visuals.
    • Easy Controls & Attractive Sound.
    • More obstacles, power-ups and achievements added.

    the reason why we create this game is simply because we want you to enjoy durring this crise, we want to notify you also to wach your hands constently, keep a destince between you and any other person
  • GPS Data APK
    GPS Data app - you can check any necessary GPS data. If you like sports, mountaineering, journey, running you can use it to check your results or external parameters like speed, altitude, location, etc.

    Using this app you get:
    - altitude and elevation (measures of the height of a point relative to some datum - Height above sea level)
    - the location (latitude and longitude - GPS coordinates, lat and long)
    - speed km/h or mph
    3xapp下载安装无弹窗全文阅读_3xapp下载安装无弹窗 3xapp下载安装无弹窗全文阅读_3xapp下载安装无弹窗 ,怪奇物语第一季最新章节_怪奇物语第一季最新章节 怪奇物语第一季最新章节_怪奇物语第一季最新章节 ,潜行狙击电影无弹窗全文阅读_潜行狙击电影最新章节 潜行狙击电影无弹窗全文阅读_潜行狙击电影最新章节 - the quality of the GPS signal
    - list of GPS satellites (the number of satellites, and PRN are the "pseudo random noise")
    - direction - compass (determining the geographical position)

    In this app you get the access to the necessary mobile data, you don't need navigation, GPS tracker or GPS Watch.
    With this app you can check sunrise and sunset time of the day, local UTC time, position on the world map and many others data.

    Have a fun with GPS data app !
  • Gymalaya APK
    A base for trainers to motivate trainees to always stay in top shape.
    We want to allow people to "spice up" their fitness plan, to be able to connect to their personal trainers and workout buddies no matter the distance between them. Participate in fitness challenges sent by your friends, and challenge them back with your own!
  • Ristourne Kp-Shop APK
    This application allows to make discounts to customers in bars, restaurants, supermarkets, stations, etc. in relation to the quantity or amount of the customer's invoice. The discounts in the form of points, these same points can be converted in virtual currency.
  • Ristourne albertine hotel APK
    This application allows to make discounts to customers in bars, restaurants, supermarkets, stations, etc. in relation to the quantity or amount of the customer's invoice. The discounts in the form of points, these same points can be converted in virtual currency.
  • Radio SKIVE 104 Online Gratis Danmark APK
    Radio DISC 104 Online Free; We present to you Denmark's best Radio Station Radio SKIVE 104 Online Free broadcast live, where you can listen to your favorite music and play all the time.

    With this application, just listen to Radio SKIVE 104 Online Free, with a user-friendly interface, with continuous updates to guarantee a good service and have your favorite station online. In addition to being very light, playing good sound quality and being a very reliable application, listen to Radio SKIVE 104 online and for free.

    I encourage you to download this amazing application and listen to Radio SKIVE 104 Denmark best station online and free now!
  • Snowflakes APK
    Relax and just find the same snowflakes. The longer you play the more different ones will occur. Detail: You can never loose :-)
  • Baly Taxi APK
    Demo Taxi App
  • Remote for Samsung TV with Screen Mirroring APK
    The complete remote control for Samsung TV. Try it to enjoy better Samsung TV experience!

    Main features:
    - Auto detect Samsung TV
    - Complete Remote Control for Samsung TV
    - Work with Samsung TVs later than 2016.
    - A large touchpad for menu and content navigation
    - Keyboard and Voice Search

    This application is not an official product of Samsung Electronics.
  • Ele's APK
    ELE's is a FREE mobile app for android smartphones and basically, it has three sections called messaging, shopping, and social feed.

    - through this section, you can message friends and family you already know.
    - you can send or receive photos, videos, files, documents, and voice messages.

    - Browse, search, and buy anything you wish to have.
    - Never miss any upcoming deals, Special promotions, discounts, and much more.
    - Not only for buy, but you can also keep up-to-date about any product you interested in very easily.

    Also through this, you can search about,

    Books:- you can order the best sellers, new releases, or book that you desire
    Electronic:- Mobile phones, TV's, hi-fi systems, Players, Gaming equipment, laptop, cameras, ...etc

    Fashion:- men's fashion, women's fashion, kids, boys, girls babies dress for anyone, not only dress bags, shoes, watches, slippers, any kind of fashion item that on the trending or new arrival to market.
    > Traveling items
    > Vehicle
    > Food

    Not only those, but you can also search day-to-day needs, sports items, Entertainment items, mobile accessories ....anything you need. you name it, we show it.

    Also for people who sell things, they can create their brand name. own online virtual shop.

    We show the location of the shop, the Seller's name, seller's contact number through that if the buyer needs to see the product or shop before buying he/she can do it easily.

    - You can share photos, videos, and your IDeas with others.
    - You can comment and share other things, through that you can keep contacted with them.

    Not that all,
    - In here you can have feature NEARBY so you can see who is around you and find new friends. not only new friends, but you also can see that your buddy arrived or not.

    Also, you can create albums, show your works, and much more available.

    Through this people can share their stuff, a message with others easily, sell their products easily, buy any product with the best knowledge and safe way with easily and contact with friends, family and not that all you can find friends easily too

    Not that all,
    You need to use ELE'S because of these reasons,

    1. IT COST NO FEE:- ELE'S use your mobile phone's internet connection so it can be EDGE 2G/3G/4G or Wi-Fi as available.
    so you don't need to pay for everything you do and you can download it free from the play store.

    2.NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES:- You can char, comment, and share stuff without any extra cost. You only need any kind of internet connection.

    3. ALWAYS LOGGED IN:- it works with a phone number so any time, any moment you always logged in.

    4.FIND NEW PEOPLE:- Through nearby find new people around you and you can chat with them

    5.NO NEED TO PAY FOR ADVERTISEMENT:- there is no price to place an advertisement, which means it"s free you can sell anything you need.

    And the BEST of all is these all give for you free and no cost to download, no-cost place advertisements, and no subscription fees.

    Without paying any fee you can contact others, browse and buy things you wish to have, and have fun with others.

    If you have any feedback, questions, idea, or concern please email us at [email protected]

    |* Data charges may apply, contact your service provider for details.
  • اذكاري - طمئن قلبك بذكر الله APK

    الطريقة الافضل لتذكيرك بالاذكار هي الطريقة التي لا تتوقعها...لذا دع اذكاري يذكرك

    تطبيق الذكر أذكاري هو تطبيق اسلامي صُمم ليساعدك على ان لا تنسى ذكر الله ابداً، وعلى طريقتك الخاص!

    * يظهر الذكر او الدعاء او الاية اثناء تصفح الانترنت او اي برنامج تواصل اجتماعي مثل فيس بوك، تويتر، او انستقرام بدون ان يزعجك
    * يظهر الذكر او الدعاء او الاية اثناء المحادثة مع الاصدقاء على واتس اب، لاين، ڤايبر، فيس بوك، تانغو و غيره
    يظهر الذكر او الدعاء او الاية اثناء مشاهدة الصور أو فيديو و حتى اثناء اللعب على جوالك
    يظهر الذكر او الدعاء او الاية في الاشعار بشكل سلس، بسيط، و لفترة قصيرة ليذكرك بذكر الله

    أذكاري هو تطبيق لكل المسلمين فيه من الخيارات ما يساعدك ان تخصص ظهور الأذكار و الأدعية و الآيات و الأحاديث، و شكل ظهور الأذكار و حجم خط الذكر، و مدة الاشعارات الاذكار على شاشتك، ليناسب ذوقك و يناسب حجم جوالك

    يعمل بدون انترنت

    خصائص و مميزات تطبيق الأذكار و الأدعية "أذكاري":

    ★ أذكار المسلم اليومية: اذكار الصباح, أذكار المساء اذكار النوم و غيرها من اذكار اليوم و اليلة
    ★ تنبيه لأوقات اذكار الصباح , اذكار المساء , اذكار النوم مع اشعار بسيط يمكن تأجيله او منه الدخول الى تطبيق المسلم أذكاري
    ★ سورة الملك, سورة الكهف, سورة الاسراء, سورة الحديد, سورة الرحمن, سورة يس, و العديد من السورة من القران الكريم التي يحتاجها كل مسلم يوميا
    ★ اشعار يوم الجمعة للتذكير بسورة الكهف و الصلاة على النبي و الدعاء
    ★ رسائل اذكاري لتلقي اذكار و ادعية و احاديث و ايات قرانية يوميا
    ★ امكانية تخصيص الاشعار الذكي لتغير موقع ظهور الذكر او الدعاء
    ★ المسبحة الاكترونية الذكية ! ستتذكر عنك اين كنت بالورد اليومي
    ★ ظهور الاذكار و الأدعية و الأحاديث و الايات القرانية على الشاشة لبضعة ثوان, لكي لا تنسى ذكرك الله ابدا
    ★ امكانية اضافة اذكارك و ادعيتك الخاصة بك لسهولة الوصول اليها
    ★ امكانية التحكم بمدة ظهور الاشعار على الشاشة
    ★ الوضع الليلي لقراءة القران و الاذكار في حالة وجودك بمكان مظلم3xapp下载安装无弹窗全文阅读_3xapp下载安装无弹窗 3xapp下载安装无弹窗全文阅读_3xapp下载安装无弹窗 ,怪奇物语第一季最新章节_怪奇物语第一季最新章节 怪奇物语第一季最新章节_怪奇物语第一季最新章节 ,潜行狙击电影无弹窗全文阅读_潜行狙击电影最新章节 潜行狙击电影无弹窗全文阅读_潜行狙击电影最新章节
    ★ يمكنك تصميم اشعار الذكر بنفسك من تغيير لون خلفية اشعار الذكر, حجم و شكل خط الذكر..والمزيد..
    ★ والمزيد من الميزات الرائعة التي تنتظرك لتكتشفها في برنامج أذكاري...

    انشروه لينالكم الاجر

    ☆ يحتاج برنامج أذكاري لصلاحية القراءة و الكتابة على كرة الذاكرة, لقراءة و حفظ الادعية أوالأذكار المدمجة و التي ستضيفها بنفسك الى الادعية أوالأذكارالموجودة.
    ☆ يحتاج برنامج أذكاري صلاحية بدأ التطبيق مع بدء تشغيل او بعد اعادة التشغيل الهاتف او الوحي الخاص بك, لتغعيل التطبيق بعد اعادة تشغيله
    ☆ يحتاج برنامج أذكاري صلاحية انترنت لان البرنامج يحتوي اعلانات غوغل التي تدعمني ماديا للمزيد من التحديثات ان شاء الله فقط.

    شكرا لكم لاستخدام برنامج أذكاري

    "Athkari" Islamic app for all Muslims, the daily needed application for all Muslims around the world.

    Athkari has been designed to help you to never forget mentioning Allah and on your customized way.

    you can customize every single details about the islamic zikir notification message, including the thikir background and stroke color, azkar notification font size, azkar notification animation, when to show the zikir notification and the occurrence of the azkar appearance.

    While you are browsing Internet, reading news, chatting or whatever you are doing on your mobile, Azkari will display the notification smoothly to remind you with Athkar, Duas, Ayah, Suran, or Hadith (Athkar), on your personally customized way..

    Please share Azkari app as much as you can... let Thikr reach all muslims around the world.

    Features of Azkari for Muslims:
    ★ Morning Athkar, Evening Zikir, and Sleep Athkar
    ★ Notification for Sabah Athkar, Evening Athkar, and Sleep Zikirs
    ★ Athkar will show up automatically, and periodically to remind you to mention allah with Dua, Hadith, Surah, Ayah, or Zikir.
    ★ You can add your own Athkars that you want it to show up in the notification
    ★ you can choose when to display the Islamic Zikir, Dua, Hadith, or Ayah's notification
    ★ you can change the Athkar's notification background color
    ★ you can change the Athkar's notification stroke color
    ★ you can change the Athkar's notification font color and size
    ★ you can adjust the animation of showing the Islamic Athkar's notification
    ★ Android Material Design
    ★ FREE
  • mSwitch APK
    App for setting tasks to perform when pressing on your mSwitch or other compatible plug, or your Android Wear device. The big difference between mSwitch and the other applications is that this one is clean, and has readable English.

    For users who purchase the Unlocker, includes the ability to convert mSwitch to a system app, which enables many more permissions and toggles, as well as the ability to make mSwitch bulletproof (5.0+) or more resilient (4.4) to other applications trying to take control of the media button.

    Supported Presses:
    1-9 short clicks
    1-3 long presses

    Includes Android Wear micro app to send commands to your handheld device by tapping your wearable screen, and a desktop widget for the same.




    For everybody:
    Any application, activity or shortcut, flashlight, hotwords, toolbox, change ringer mode, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot, auto-rotate, auto-brightness, home key, screen on/off, recent apps, media play/pause/next/previous, expand statusbar, expand quicksettings

    For users with root access:
    Screenshot, back key, camera shutter key


    Speak battery level, speak the time, voice recorder

    With root:
    Volume +/-, power key, menu key, brightness +/-

    With system permissions:
    Toggle GPS, toggle NFC, invert display (5.0+), flight mode, toggle mobile data, system reboot dialog

    Languages Supported:

    English (me)
    Chinese (4PDA)
    French (Florent Serre)
    Italian (Gianluigi Rubino & Ivan Sferrazza)
    Slovak (Henrich Lichtner)
    Spanish (Nayra Pumar)
    Russian (4PDA)